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bluesource UK – bluesource help Hoare Lea reduce over 20% of its internal IT support costs with Symantec

bluesource UK, January 29th, 2015 – Hoare Lea, a highly successful, award-winning firm of consulting engineers, selected bluesource to advise and assist in the move to a cloud based archiving solution, This has resulted in Hoare Lee experiencing over 20% reduction in its in-house, archiving support costs as well as efficiency improvements, as data can now be quickly accessed for legal and compliance purposes. bluesource recommended Symantec’s Enterprise as the new platform and successfully migrated Hoare Lea’s data from an on-premises environment to Symantec’s, maintaining data integrity.

To more efficiently cope with both its corporate and data growth, Hoare Lea wanted to streamline its IT resources and update its archiving solution to deliver more features that included powerful search functions for data compliance, lower storage needs and offer eDiscovery capabilities to assist with potential legal risks.

bluesource has been supporting Hoare Lea’s data archiving needs for 9 years and as Hoare Lea had been using Symantec’s products, bluesource recommended a move to Symantec’s high performance cloud archiving platform – Enterprise This cloud solution is a more cost effective and efficient solution for Hoare Lea’s requirements than an on-premises version and also delivered performance continuity. Being a fully managed service it also liberated the in-house support resources. bluesource also migrated 9TB of Hoare Lea’s data, securely with a full audit trail and no data losses. This new platform has reduced Hoare Lea’s in-house, archiving support costs by over 20% and they have experienced efficiency improvements, as data can now be quickly accessed for legal and compliance purposes.

Julian Beech – Head of IT, Hoare Lea said ‘’Enterprise has delivered on all its promises and has a great search feature – with the ability to effectively handle any potential data compliance and legal threat. We no longer worry about funding our archive support staff. bluesource have been a real help to us throughout this project, demonstrating expertise, a high level of responsiveness and insightful recommendations.’’