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bluesource warn against increasing Backup risks as data continues to grow

Information Management specialists, bluesource reveals key challenges with data backup and storage as they survey senior IT staff in both UK & US organisations. Challenges include; coping with rapid data growth, managing backup volumes, the cost of necessary solutions – as well as the amount of time required to backup and recover applications, or data. Also highlighted are the top threats to data continuity and availability, which include human error, network and connectivity issues – with a typical cost of data loss, from £1,000 upwards.

The survey, which canvassed the opinions of senior IT staff – across medium to large UK and US companies, reveals that IT professionals view exponential data growth as a major threat. Almost 60% estimated that they back up more than 20 TB of data, with more than a third backing up at least 50 TB – and 69% expect this trend to continue. Other top data backup challenges include managing volume – 40%, its cost – 33%, time taken to backup – 30% and speed of data growth – 28%.

As the volume of data grows, so does the risk for error, with humans accounting for 20% of problems and network/ connectivity issues another 20% – all creating threats to data continuity and availability. The cost impact is highlighted too, with 58% of organisations estimating that a typical data loss situation would result in an expense of at least £1,000.

Most of the organisations surveyed believe the scenarios where they have the most challenges include recovering apps, with a mere 38% achieving this, and only 35% and 33% able to meet their recovery point and recovery time objectives, respectively. Alarmingly, just 34% are confident of recovering their physical servers.

As organisations face unrelenting data growth, and the challenges of effectively backing it up are becoming greater, bluesource warns organisations against the risk of damaging and costly errors – which impact on productivity, company reputation and bottom line. They need to get creative with their backup strategies, consider alternative options for protecting critical data, including cloud and managed service options and implementing best-practice solutions to protect data, maintain compliance, reduce storage costs and improve productivity – with swifter recovery times.