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bluesource can migrate your data from anywhere.. to anywhere!

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Migrate data from your current archive or mail platform to just about any other available on the market today! Getting a migration right is critical – bluesource’s team of professionals ensure that your migration will be seamless!

  • bluesource has three service centers located in the US, UK and Australia that provide around-the-clock migration management and monitoring resulting in fast turn around times, flexibility and throttling to ensure end users have a seamless experience
  • Your dedicated bluesource team will look after your migration needs, freeing up your IT department to focus on business-critical projects
  • Full Chain-of-Custody (CoC) report provides proof that your data has not been altered during the migration process
  • Full exception reporting on data that is corrupt and cannot be repaired, for your legal needs
  • Per gigabyte pricing ensures the exact cost of the migration
  • bluesource has already migrated over three petabytes of data on over 40 platforms
  • bluesource has over 40 migration engineers globally to provide you with around the clock service
  • With eight years experience in archive migrations with many of the Fortune 500 companies bluesource typically manages 30 to 40 migrations at any given time
  • If required, migrations can be 100% managed by country of origin citizens 

Click here to download the full datasheet.