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  • Operational Upheaval

    The challenges

    • Failure to comply or show acceptable audit trails to Regulators
    • Misuse of information – leaked or accessible to the wrong people
    • Business disruption and high cost incurred as too much time is taken responding to legal and regulatory demands
    • Business restricting governance procedures implemented to safeguard information and business reputation
    • Financial penalties if the right information is not provided in the right timeframe
  • Information on-demand

    The benefits

    • Reduced time and cost meeting regulatory and legal demands
    • Better control of the right information, minimising regulatory fines
    • Increased visibility of information as it flows through the organisation
    • Routine checking and audits simplified
    • Better access control as critical information is safeguarded with staged protection levels and tracking monitors
    • Highly targeted, customised searches
    • Chain of custody maintained of business critical data as it is migrated between platforms