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Control your information footprint

Unstructured data, it’s multiplying and becoming more diverse, resulting in reduced productivity, inadequate eDiscovery and greater risk of non-compliance. Businesses must turn growing unstructured data from costly problem to real business value – by making vast amounts of important data easily accessible to the right people at the right time.

We ensure critical data is properly classified, catalogued, preserved and more easily searched – so businesses better control their information footprint, and compliance and eDiscovery become simpler.

  • Email archiving & journaling
  • File system and SharePoint archiving
  • Search & eDiscovery
  • Cloud archiving
  • Data migrations
  • EV247
  • Managed archive

Benefits at a glance

Whatever the requirements, your information can be preserved either on-premises, or in the cloud. With an information management pedigree spanning over 15 years, bluesource consultants have unparalleled expertise when it comes to the challenge of unstructured data. We understand how best to blend applications to get the right solution to manage your information and know how to optimise those applications whatever platform you choose. We provide a single point of contact for accessing archiving and eDiscovery technical support, troubleshooting or advice, and comprehensive backup management capabilities fully backed by SLA, releasing valuable IT skill and budget.

  • Reduce the impact of growing data: what to keep; what to delete; when to archive
  • Enable searchability across diverse data types: Email; File Systems; SharePoint; Social Media; IM
  • Improved business user productivity: Older information & emails are easier to find
  • Reduced cost of storing information, regardless of exponential data growth
  • PSTs and file data under control
  • Minimise risks of incomplete backups as data continues to grow

Preserve Datasheet

Better manage huge volumes of unstructured data and safeguard what’s most valuable.