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  • Business disruption

    The challenges

    • Too much time spent searching for relevant content in response to litigation or investigation
    • Added pressure on internal resources as eDiscovery systems and process are inadequate
    • Costly outsourcing of data preparation to meet court deadlines and demands
    • Threat of fines if court deadlines are missed
    • Data that’s not defensible in court resulting from poor discovery processes
    • Data capture and discovery harder as today’s data is increasingly diverse – social, voice, video, IM
  • Search & eDiscovery Control

    The benefits

    • Searching for relevant documents made easy with the right tools
    • Quickly and accurately respond to audits, legal claims or data preservation orders
    • More effectively evaluate claims – without sacrificing productivity
    • Provide a legally defensible eDiscovery process that can withstand the test of court scrutiny
    • Lower legal service fees – advanced classification means only essential data provided to outside counsel
    • In control with less pressure on people and budgets critical in a growing litigious environment