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Nintex are one of our more recent partners and provide an essential component of our collaboration suite. As leaders in Workflow their technologies enable us to help you simplify and automate process.

We use Nintex solutions to provide scalable workflow solutions whether it’s for a specific workgroup or the organisation as a whole.

Ultimately we are driven to make it easy for your people to work, automatically connect content, even in the cloud and see results quickly.

We enable Nintex Workflow and Forms technologies and our collaboration consultants integrate these with SharePoint and O365 to design and implement solutions that are optimally tailored to meet your requirements whether on mobile or office locations. We utilise Nintex Workflow, Forms and Mobile in our designs.

Nintex Workflow is a drag-and-drop workflow designer that provides connectivity and advanced workflow features to the Microsoft SharePoint and O365. We use this capability to implement simple leave approval requests, to complex integration across external applications, cloud services and data sources.

Nintex Forms is a web based design tool that integrates seamlessly with Nintex Workflow and is used to capture key information as part of a business process automation. These can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

Nintex Mobile enables Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms on mobile allowing your people to benefit from business process quickly, easily and securely while they are on the move.