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Our Solutions and Capabilities

Businesses are under increasing communications pressure – fragmented workplaces, remote working and mobile work forces, make communication hard. Supporting disparate communication systems – messaging, voice and conferencing separately is inefficient for users who have to switch between applications and it’s inefficient for companies, who incur unnecessary costs and need multiple suppliers and specialists to support the technology.

Universal Communications from bluesource enables your workforce to become completely connected, no matter how geographically diverse your offices may be or how mobile your team is.

We enable your team to communicate anywhere, anytime, on any device and through any channel – by seamlessly uniting your solution into a single, integrated platform – technology, devices, communication channels and networks – that’s designed, implemented and managed by one partner.

Our services include:

  • Seamless technology platform with Microsoft Skype for Business and Exchange
  • Platform of choice – on-premises, cloud or hybrid
  • Channel of Choice – voice, messaging and audio/video conferencing
  • Network design and connectivity
  • Call services
  • A complete Managed Service

Build powerful connections with Universal Communication

Benefits at a glance

Powerful connections for your people so they can:

  • Have unified channels of communication – voice, messaging and audio/video
  • Conferencing – select what’s fit for purpose.
  • Use any device – handset / headset, mobile, tablet, meeting room system.
  • Get continual visibility of a colleague’s presence 24/7.
  • Use instant messaging for quick queries.
  • Integrate email, voicemail and IMs in a single inbox.
  • Share and co-edit meeting content.
  • Powerful for business
  • More responsive business – teams collaborate more easily.
  • Reduce cost – travel, calls, IT management and office space.
  • Save time – single supplier, single point of contact, seamless solution.
  • Information secure and protected.
  • 3 stage Adoptivity framework- Discover, Design & Deploy and Adopt – enabling business wide take-up, faster.
  • Integrate Skype.

Universal Communications Guide

Universal Communications from bluesource enables better connectivity.