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Prepare and Plan for a Successful UC Solution

Universal Communications offer huge opportunities for business but ensuring your network is fit for purpose is key to its success. That’s why bluesource has developed its own UC Readiness Assessment as a pre-packaged service on your existing network infrastructure. It analyses your existing network, runs test configurations and reports back as a first step. This minimises disruption and you make an informed business decision. And we can deliver the best blend of business outcome, that considers your existing network infrastructure and maximises the return on any existing infrastructure investments. ​ ​

The bluesource UC Readiness Assessment offers: ​ 

  • ​Network Review
    • ​A review of your existing LAN and WAN infrastructure. A highly-skilled consultant will visit your premises, perform a discovery session, run tests, review switching and routing configurations, brief you on any known issues and then discuss proven best practice UC solutions.​ ​
  • ​Call Quality Assessment
    • A bluesource consultant will then install software-based endpoints across an in-scope network and set up call test plans to simulate proposed usage patterns. ​ ​
  • Reporting
    Based on these results, our report will:

    • Detail your physical and virtual LAN/WAN sites, results of test configurations and overall network health. ​ ​
    • Make recommendations if hardware upgrades or configuration changes are required to support Microsoft Skype for Business. ​ ​
    • Suggest how you can improve network quality. ​ ​

One Voice for Lync

bluesource is a member of the One Voice for Lync programme, run by AudioCodes, a leading provider of interoperable infrastructure. This enables us to confidently deliver and manage a solution that’s interoperable with your existing telephony network infrastructure. ​ ​

Bold on business continuity

We take business continuity seriously. So our Universal Communications solution delivers business continuity planning as a core service to your business. It’s designed to get you back up and running quickly in the event of system failure or disaster recovery. We can also customise resiliency and redundancy options to meet your specific recovery time and recovery point objectives. ​ ​

So whether your Universal Communications installation is at a single site or dispersed across multiple locations, we deliver a high availability network that supports disaster recovery across all network components, getting you back to business as usual with minimal fuss. ​ ​