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Be Confident that you’re Protected

Seamless business connections and powerful collaboration are clear benefits of a Universal Communication solution from bluesource. And as information flows more freely through the organisation, having confidence that the information that’s being exchanged is secure and protected is also essential.

In a business environment where security leaks, software hacks and litigation are growing, ensuring that critical communication solutions and information held within them is properly protected is essential for any IT team. ​ ​

Compliance, Governance, eDiscovery.

As specialists in ​Information Management, the​ bluesource team will guide you on implementing a complete Universal Communications solution that delivers essential ‘information’ housekeeping and due diligence. We help business manage compliance and corporate governance solutions that include Skype interactions. And we can help allow or block Instant Messaging, as well as exporting Instant Message interactions to specialist archiving platforms, such as Symantec Enterprise Vault, allowing businesses to support eDiscovery requests. ​ ​

Security built-in

Microsoft Skype for Business has in built security incorporating industry standard security technologies. Specialist certification, authentication and encryption techniques help ensure that Skype for Business data is protected on the network. ​

Users secured

Our focus on securing your Universal Communications solution appropriately includes setting up your users. Working with you we can ensure that they are assigned a role-based access which provides extra security and means that they only have permissions to use the services related to their role.