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A productive and secure roaming workforce

Today, users demand the ability to work from anywhere. Whether it be on public transport, from a customer premises, in a café or even in the air; the increasingly modern workforce likes to stay connected and work wherever they have an internet connection. But with this new way of working comes valid integration and security concerns. How do you ensure you are empowering users, giving them the tools they need to do their jobs and keeping IT support overheads at a minimum? We can help.

Identity management – makes IT support easier with a set of tools that can give IT teams time back during their day and provide users with self-service tools to manage their profiles.

Device management – gives you visibility and control of business approved devices and BYOD and keep corporate data secure.

Application management – deploys apps automatically during enrollment and allows users to easily install corporate apps from the self-service portal.

Enterprise grade security – allows you to encrypt data to ensure only the right people have access and you’ll be able to identify on-going threats before they cause damage to your organisation.

IT Administration Producitivty Checklist

Read on to find how you can improve IT administration productivity.


Benefits at a glance

We have proven experience in deploying Enterprise Mobility services, giving users back their freedom to work how and when they want, and improving IT management.

  • Create and manage a single identity for each user across your hybrid enterprise, keeping users, groups and devices in sync
  • Provide single sign-on access to your applications
  • Enable application access security for both on-premises and cloud applications
  • Improve user productivity with self-service password reset and application access requests
  • Deliver and manage apps across a broad range of devices – including iOS, Android, Windows – from a single management console
  • Simplify administration by deploying required apps, certificates, Wi-Fi, VPN, and email profiles automatically, enabling users to seamlessly access corporate resources with the appropriate security in place