Few things are more disruptive to any business than eDiscovery triggers and compliance demands. And they can happen at any time, disrupting your organization.
Legal and compliance teams demand information fast. IT has to respond dropping other business critical projects and you probably recognize some of these other disruptions to your business:

  • Too much time spent searching for relevant content in response to litigation or investigation
  • Threat of fines and financial penalties if deadlines are missed
  • Added pressure on internal resources as eDiscovery systems and process are inadequate
  • Failure to comply or show acceptable audit trails to Regulators
  • Costly outsourcing of data preparation to meet court deadlines and demands
  • Data that’s not defensible in court resulting from poor discovery processes
  • Data capture and discovery are harder as today’s data is increasingly diverse – social, voice, video, IM
  • Misuse of information – leaked or accessible to the wrong people

Rather than cripple your team’s effectiveness, Bluesource compliance and eDiscovery expertise can help both your IT and legal/compliance teams work in harmony. The right technology enables you to not only mitigate risk, expenses and costly distractions, but be prepared as eDiscovery and compliance triggers arise. Read how our compliance and eDiscovery capabilities can help.

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