Migration can be an uncomfortable journey of delays, unplanned expenditure with valuable resources tied up. Poorly planned, it compromises the speed of cloud transformation projects and it can fail to preserve the chain-of-custody that is so critical if regulatory compliance is important for your business.

We help businesses to move their email and archive data to the cloud as well as new applications or storage platforms. We help manage it for you, freeing up your own IT resource and in doing so provide an accurate understanding of the complexities and timescales for data migration. We help ensure projects stay on-schedule and avoid unexpected costs so you remain within budget. Importantly we are trusted and proven in highly regulated sectors, ensuring predictability, certainty and security of your data preserving chain-of-custody.

In the past 5 years we’ve migrated over 1PB of data are utilizing the leading 3rd party migration tools as well as our own. Our expertise also enables us to migrate Lotus notes or PST files to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365