Overcoming Your Compliance Challenges with Encrypted Email

Many organizations have a need to send and receive secure messages, especially when sensitive data needs to be sent. However, encrypting email brings its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to eDiscovery. How are these encrypted emails discovered? Can they be searched for content?

Fortunately, Bluesource brings together Kiteworks for encrypted email, and the leading archiving and eDiscovery solution, Veritas Enterprise Vault.

Easy Message Composition

Compose secure emails directly within Outlook with the Kiteworks Add-In, or via the Kiteworks Web Interface.

Encrypt the message and/or attachment(s), and send to your recipients.

Secure Archiving

Once a message is sent via Kiteworks, your recipients will be notified that they have a secure message to review. At the same time, a copy of the entire message is sent to Enterprise Vault over encrypted TLS, and archived into the journal repository.

Indexed, Classified, Retained

Once the item is archived, it is indexed for content, including all attachments, and optionally run through the Veritas Information Classifier.

This can assign a retention period, tag the item based on content and policy, and even decide which storage device to use.


With the items now in Enterprise Vault, you have one place to search both encrypted and unencrypted email, without missing any piece of the conversation.

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