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Migrate Efficiently and Securely

Migration can be an uncomfortable journey of delays, unplanned expenditure and valuable resource tied up. Poorly planned, it compromises the speed of business transformation and can fail to preserve the chain-of custody that’s so critical to regulatory compliance.

We help businesses move email and archive data to new applications, the cloud or storage platforms. Trusted and proven in highly regulated sectors, we ensure predictability, certainty and secure data.

  • Messaging migrations
  • Maintaining chain-of-custody
  • Moving to the cloud
  • Trusted and proven methodology
  • Health Check
  • Pilot migration
  • Project planning
  • Managed migration

Migrate Services Data Sheet

bluesource successfully moves email and archive data to new applications, the cloud or storage, especially in regulated industries.


Benefits at a glance

By choosing bluesource, a globally recognised migration specialist, you engage messaging experts with first-hand experience in a wide range of data migration scenarios. We will help you plan and execute every aspect of your migration and work with you to avoid downtime, protect information and maintain an unbroken chain-of-custody.

In the past 5 years we’ve migrated over 1PB of data to new archives, storage platforms and the cloud and are fully accredited to utilise the leading 3rd party migration tools from Akaibu and Transvault.

  • Projects stay on-schedule and on-budget as unexpected costs have been avoided
  • Accurate understanding of the complexities and timescales for migrating data
  • Free up resource by utilising dedicated migration and project management expertise
  • Meet regulatory demands and ensure chain of custody is preserved as data is handled securely
  • Benefit from advanced third party tools, only available to trusted migration specialists
  • Plan large-scale movement of data to the cloud in accordance with bandwidth and compliance

Standard Bank Case Study

Standard Bank migrated to a new data archiving, storage and compliance platform, reducing the bank’s storage utilisation by 65% and enabling access to corporate data.