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Data Classification

Recent research conducted with CIO’s suggests that as little as 17% of the data that businesses hold today is relevant.

This presents IT teams and CIO’s with some significant commercial and control issues and questions how productive the information is that’s being stored.

Commercial Impacts

The cost of storing information, regardless of where it’s stored, has to be questioned, but of equal importance are the “people costs” associated with the business upheaval and disruption, when critical data needs to be found, quickly – often for compliance or eDiscovery purposes, frequently under the threat of regulatory or legal fine, for failure to present on-time and in a legally defensible state.

Take Action

We would urge businesses to start taking action now to implement the right strategies, policies and technology solutions to manage the changing data landscape as the new information age continues to unfold.

1) Get Visibility
  • Ensure you have true visibility of your unstructured data, who uses it, who accesses it
2) Keep the right information – only what you need:
  • Classify and map your data based on it’s importance to the business, commercial value and legal requirements
  • Ensure the right data is protected and secure – be confident you are keeping the good stuff in and the bad stuff out
  • Put in place insurance policies to ensure you have the right information covered in event of business data loss or disaster
3) Take Control:
  • Put in place the right solutions to enable you to find, discover and search the information you need, when it’s required
  • Release the true value of your information