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Protect data and improve operational resilience

Beyond efficient and flexible backup solutions, your business needs accelerated recovery in the event of failed infrastructure, major disruption or lost data – especially when faced with high data growth rates of 40-60% per year, unnecessary duplication, disparate technologies, and the prospect of 50% of restores failing.

Cumbersome, outdated backup services are costly to manage and pose a real threat if you lose business-critical data – 71% of IT leaders believe that the use of multiple backup tools increases that risk[1]. But your backup solutions can be optimised to free-up your team and system resources, take advantage of the latest technology, and give you an elegant and scalable solution that can grow with you.

Cloud, hybrid, on-premises – the choice is yours

Whether you want cloud backup, hybrid or on-premises, bluesource can help you navigate to a high-performance, cost-effective and enterprise-grade service, on a platform of your choice. We offer comprehensive backup solutions, delivered by industry-recognised experts and can provide a service that suits your needs:

  • Backup strategy and planning
  • Backup audits and troubleshooting
  • Technical design and implementation
  • Backup managed services
  • Backup 24/7 cloud protection.

Confidence restored

That means more flexibility, better success rates and faster restores when you need them. In fact, our data protection and recovery services help customers achieve a 98% success rate on their business backup – which is 3% higher than the industry average.

  • We support a wide range of hardware and all the major software platforms
  • You can consolidate separate systems onto one platform
  • Our backup solutions reduce duplication and intelligently replicate only what’s new
  • We can offer integrated disk, tape and cloud backup solutions
  • Our backup solutions scale easily as your data volume grows.

bluesource Protect Services datasheet

Discover how to protect business information and operational resilience, reducing the cost and time to recover data.


Fully managed backup solutions

A fully managed backup service can reduce operational costs by 15-20% in the first year alone, and average annual savings can be $250,000[2]. bluesource managed backup solutions help customers:

  • Free up system resources
  • Release valuable IT skill and budget
  • Have confidence in the safety of their data
  • Provide their business with financially backed SLAs

[1] bluesource Data Backup Research, Spiceworks Voice of IT® market insights program, October 2014.[2] White Paper: ‘Measuring the Economic Benefits of SymantecTM Managed Backup Services’, Symantec, 2009 White Paper: ‘Measuring the Economic Benefits of SymantecTM Managed Backup Services’, Symantec, 2009 (