Simple, Affordable, Secure storage for your Legacy Data

Over time, many businesses have built up a vast number of legacy email archives. From obsolete legacy email platforms to inherited email data via merger or acquisition, this volume of data - rarely accessed by users - is often stored around the business on a multitude of machines and costing a significant amount to host. IT and Risk departments are battling to manage this data cost effectively and securely, while legal teams battle with data governance risks, ensuring the data remains compliant as regulations continue to evolve.

While many organizations are considering a shift to Office 365, moving legacy archives can be expensive, especially with journal data where single-instancing has to be reversed. Forced to keep the data for regulatory and eDiscovery purposes, organizations struggle with where to keep this data in a supported, cost-effective location.

Bluesource Cloud Locker is a simple-to-use and affordable solution that's ideal for legacy email storage. This scalable solution can be used for storing legacy archive data, allowing organizations to easily search for and produce relevant emails for investigations and ditch aging legacy on-premises systems.


Manage Retention, Expiry, and Legal Holds

Set a retention policy on your archived data so it's retained for as long as required, and optionally expire it at the conclusion of the retention period.

Prevent the expiry and deletion of data critical for legal matters or investigations by placing data on hold. Holds can then be lifted at the conclusion of the matter.

eDiscovery Assistance

Run advanced searches for content with DeepSearch content searching

Cloud Locker provides DeepSearch indexing, so you can search your data for content in both emails and the attachments, so you can further filter down your data sets.

You can even have our team perform these tasks for you, with our DiscoveryAssist Service

Records Retention

Have PSTs? We'll take them.

Bluesource Cloud Locker is the perfect place to store your legacy PST data, especially those belonging to departed employees.


Export content to EML

Export the data to an industry standard format for downstream eDiscovery analysis and review

Cloud Migrations

Migration: We've got you covered.

Getting your legacy archive data into Bluesource Cloud Locker couldn't be easier. Our migration practice, the strongest in the business, can migrate your data from just about any platform.