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Faced with an eDiscovery situation and need help urgently to get what you need from your eDiscovery platform. Discovery Assist is the answer.

Whether you need to implement a legal hold, change retention policies or respond to an audit inquiry, we recognize that when you have an urgent eDiscovery requirement you need to respond quickly. Our team of experts ensure your litigation support team, attorneys and paralegals have one place to go for help.assess

Assess – In just one-week, remote support for existing Advanced eDiscovery will be activated and a workflow assessment by a certified professional will be initiatedto identify areas of immediate risk


Transform - Recommended best practices that result from the completed assess mentare optimized to provide a robust framework for new and ongoing eDiscoveryrequirements, ensuring that the most productive workflow will be followed


Operate - Final acceptance into service is certified and production SLAs are now in full effect We provide expert knowledge on how to fully optimize your application and to guide you through the process. They are available for you to call any time as your projects and cases demand.

This service is comprised of two components:

Expert Advice
  • From a Bluesource Master Specialist in leading eDiscovery technology
  • Accredited by Microsoft and Veritas
  • On-demand legal guidance provided by our attorney on retainer *extra fee
Discovery Assistance
  • 90-minute response SLA
  • EDRM workflow training
  • Act as the team lead or can provide support to your existing team
We offer fully managed solutions and services for your legal needs
  • Enterprise Data Center
  • Risk Management
  • Industry Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Advance Security
  • Redundant Connectivity
  • Custom Backups
  • eDiscovery Consulting Services
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