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Identify and Optimise Your IT Systems

​Would you like to know more about the IT infrastructure, software or websites that operates in your organisation and whether it is effective, optimised and running smoothly? Effective IT management starts with a bluesource Health Check giving reassurance that systems are ready in terms of performance and reliability.

Our enterprise-class Health Check methodology encompasses a comprehensive, deep dive into the target systems and will cover a range of aspects including:

  • Product installation & configuration review
  • Architecture and design review
  • Capacity planning
  • Best practice review
  • Operational procedures
  • Disaster recovery verification
  • Review of system performance

​​​​​​Our senior technology consultants provide a full report with a detailed breakdown of all the key system touch-points which can be used as a basis for future maintenance, installations and upgrades. This will help you optimise your IT systems and identify areas that require improvement; which will save you time and money by reducing unplanned disruption to your business. ​