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Compliance & governance made easier

We recognise that organisations are under more and more pressure to meet greater regulatory demands and maintain ever-higher standards and that failure can result in time intensive investigations, information searches and potentially fines. With data and its diversity increasing in the new information age we also understand that its getting harder to control.

At bluesource we help organisations more tightly control compliance and governance, by better managing information and the processes that use it. We are focused on providing greater visibility, better search and eDiscovery capability resulting in improved efficiency and security. Working with many organisations that are heavily regulated in sectors such as finance and insurance we can provide invaluable insights into optimising compliance solutions, specifically around Solvency 11, SEC, NASD, FCA, Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd-Frank and others.

bluesource solutions enable:

  • Powerful Search – allowing the required information to be identified quickly and easily with the ability to customise searches , track information that requires further review and put in place audit controls.
  • Visibility – of information that moves between key workgroups and individuals, apply automated process for supervisory review and audit trails.
    Preserving the right information – optimise the information you archive by retaining only what’s needed and deleting what isn’t.
  • eDiscovery – allowing you to quickly and accurately respond to audit trails, legal claims and data preservation orders that follow an EDRM process that’s legally defensible and withstands court scrutiny.
  • Access control – protect information based on the required level of protection setting access levels and controls by categorising and tagging information.
  • Data migration – move and manage information as it is migrated between archiving solutions and infrastructure and storage platforms ensuring it remains compliant and chain of custody is preserved.