1. Service Overview

When Applicable Software Maintenance is procured through bluesource, because of Bluesource’s TSPP status, the Customer raises technical support issues to bluesource, rather than having to go directly to Veritas.

The bluesource TSPP Support Service provides a reliable 24x7x365 remote support service for the Customer, so that when an Incident is experienced, the Customer can reach out for support with the knowledge and comfort that they are covered for products specified under a relevant Work Order/Agreement.

For the purpose of this Service Schedule, in additions to those in the General Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply:

Applicable Software Maintenance: Enterprise Vault and/or NetBackup software maintenance as detailed on the relevant Work Order, permitting Customer to raise support issues with Veritas, through the TSPP.

Incident: a technical issue associated with any related software or hardware that bluesource is supporting for the Customer. The technical issue is opened by Bluesource’s service desk with a unique case ID and placed in Bluesource’s Incident management system.

Service Start Date: is the date the Service commences, as specified in a Work Order.

SMC: Bluesource’s global service management centers providing personnel responsible for delivery of the Services.

Ticket: a ticket raised for bluesource to resolve an Incident for Customer.

Technical Support Partner: an approved partner of Veritas who is authorized to provide support on Veritas’ behalf to customers purchasing applicable Veritas products through that partner.

TSPP: Technical support partner program operated by Veritas to which Technical Support Partners.

Veritas Agreement: Veritas’ end user license agreement “EULA” and product use rights, as detailed at https://www.veritas.com/company/legal/license-agreements.

2. Term and Termination

This Service Schedule shall commence on the Service Start Date and shall continue for the Initial Term stated in the Work Order. Thereafter this Service Schedule shall automatically renew for additional periods of one (1) year until terminated.

3. Service Availability

The SMC will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for Priority 1 and 2 incidents/problems. It will be available for Priority 3 and 4 incidents/problems/service requests during Business Days and outside of these hours, logged the next Business Day.

4. Service Inclusions

  Service DescriptionSupport Service
24x7x365 remote support/remediation for escalated Incidents by the CustomerIncluded
Incident prioritisation and classificationIncluded
Escalation of incidents to Veritas (subject to Applicable Software Maintenance being maintained throughout the Term)Included
Up to 4 Named CallersIncluded

5. Service Levels

When an Incident is escalated to bluesource it is received and logged as a Ticket, assessed, and then assigned a priority based on Bluesource’s experience. An engineer will be assigned to start working on the ticket within a targeted response time (“Target Response Time”) as below:

PriorityTarget Response Time
P1 – Critical Business Impact15 minutes
P2 – Severe Business Impact60 minutes
P3 – Inconvenient Business Impact1 Business Day (within 10 hrs)
P4 – Minor Business ImpactNext Business Day (within 20 hrs)

The Target Response Time for P1 and P2 classified Incidents applies 24/7/365.

The Target Response Time for P3 and P4 classified Incidents applies during the Business Day.

If the Customer needs to raise the priority of a service ticket for any reason it should contact the SMC who will endeavour to review the assigned priority on a case by case basis.

The Priority definitions are:

P1 – CRITICAL BUSINESS IMPACT with no workaround, where the use of a critical system is impossible in the production environment, or severely risks critical business operations.


  • Complete loss of service
  • Loss of connectivity in the live environment
  • Hardware failure in the live environment, causing a major business impact
  • Server “Out of disk space” in the live environment
  • Server down and unresponsive, impacting business

P2 – SEVERE BUSINESS IMPACT with no workaround, where major functionality is severely affected or restricted, but not causing immediate work stoppage, and operation can continue in a restricted fashion.


  • High server processor utilization
  • Issue with server log file size
  • Journaling not working
  • Whole Department outage

P3 – INCONVENIENT BUSINESS IMPACT, where there is a moderate loss or degradation of services, but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner.


  • Errors encountered when upgrading supported software which is affecting service, but not crippling the live environment
  • Error reported opening vaulted items

P4 – MINOR BUSINESS IMPACT, where there is a minor loss or degradation of services, but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner, or a query regarding a product/service.


  • Minor Changes
  • General queries
  • Monitoring configuration adjustment
  • Upgrades
  • Patching

6. Raising a Ticket

A Ticket can be raised by a Designated Contact by calling the SMC on 817-601-0710, or by emailing support@bluesource.net

P1 classified Incidents must be reported by telephone to receive the appropriate response. P2, P3 and P4 classified Incidents may be reported by either telephone, or email.

Outside of the Business Day, issues may be reported via email and will be logged the following Business Day.

Where necessary to troubleshoot and resolve an Incident, bluesource may, with the Customer’s permission and supervision, have to remote on to the Customer’s environment using appropriate software, such as “LogMeIn”, or similar.

7. Customer Obligations

The Customer shall:

  • Acknowledge acceptance of the Veritas Agreement for the relevant Veritas software in a Work Order, by placing the order with bluesource;
  • Provide reasonable and relevant access necessary for bluesource to troubleshoot and resolve the Incident.
  • Provide any relevant documentation reasonably required for bluesource to provide the Service.
  • Provide a list and contact details of authorised personnel, who can engage with bluesource support.
  • Maintain relevant Third-Party support and maintenance contracts.
  • Maintain Applicable Software Maintenance throughout the Term of the Service.
  • Communicate up to date Customer contact information and ensure that bluesource is informed of any such changes.