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Closing date 30th June 2016

Our Package* includes a FREE 1 Day Discovery Workshop to identify your business requirements and help build an ROI for your organisation. FREE Implementation services of up to 20 Days. FREE 1 Day Adoption Planning Workshop, to help your users learn and make the most of all the features Skype for Business has to offer! And a FREE 1 Day Office 365 Strategic Review to get the most out of your Office 365 estate.

*The following offer conditions apply:-

  • The offer comprises 2 parts:
    • Part 1 – Free day Discovery workshop and
    • Part 2 – Upto 20 days free implementation services, 1 day free adoption planning workshop and 1 day free Office 365 Strategic Review
  • Part 1 – is available to all who register with bluesource for the Discovery workshop
  • Part 2 – applies only to clients who proceed with a Cloud PBX solution. On-premises and hybrid solutions are not included.
  • Part 2  – offer is only valid for a minimum of 100 Cloud PBX users
  • Part 2 – clients must be eligible for Microsoft Fastrack funding and must not have previously received any funding from Microsoft for Office 365 products
  • Part 2 – clients agree to assign Digital Partner of Record to bluesource for a minimum 12 months
  • Part 2 – free implementation days apply as follows : for 100 – 250 users 10 free implementation days will be provided; for 251 – 499 users 15 free implementation days will be provided and from 500 – 5000 users- 20 free implementation days will be provided.