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Managed Backup for Enterprise

There’s more data being created in businesses than ever before. A lot of it is critical and could result in severe business disruption if lost. However, many businesses are using different backup technologies at different sites, for different workloads. The result is an inefficient and inflexible backup service that is cumbersome and costly to manage.

With the latest advancements in backup technologies and the addition of new public clouds providing hyper-scalable and cost-effective storage, you can now consolidate your disparate backup technologies on to one platform. No matter what your appetite for cloud, private or hybrid, we can design, deploy, migrate and manage an enterprise-grade service. It will provide flexibility, enhanced success rates, quicker restores, and the option to have the platform wholly managed, monitored and maintained by the experts in Information Management. bluesource has improved many customers’ backups, which now have a success rate of 98%.

The bluesource portfolio of data protection and recovery services provides everything a business needs for complete confidence against the risk of data loss:

  • Backup strategy and planning
  • Backup audits and troubleshooting
  • Technical design and implementation
  • Backup managed services
  • Backup247 cloud protection

Backup and Recover datasheet

Protect business information and operational resilience reducing the cost and time to recover data.


Benefits at a glance

We offer comprehensive backup solutions delivered by industry-recognized experts and optimized across the leading disk, cloud and tape technologies. We optimize the right technologies to protect and recover information on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. Over 10PB of data is under our management or protected in solutions designed by us, and we are fully accredited and recommended by leading data protection technology vendors. We provide a single point of contact for accessing backup technical support, troubleshooting or advice, and comprehensive backup management capabilities fully backed by SLAs, releasing valuable IT skills and budget.

  • Optimized protection for expanding IT environments and stricter compliance requirements
  • Minimize loss of productivity by accelerating the recovery of backed up data
  • Economical solutions for retaining backup data, which take the strain and cost out of storage
  • Avoid missed backup windows and solve persistent issues that prevent data from being protected
  • Valuable corporate data and IP held across diversifying endpoint devices is better secured
  • Take advantage of bluesource backup specialists that become a part of your IT team, at a fraction of the cost