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Take control of your information

Data is growing exponentially but in reality much of it holds very little business value. It is also becoming more diverse. Around 80% of data is unstructured* which makes it very difficult to manage.  As data multiplies, so do risks to your organization including reduced productivity, unnecessary costs, and inadequate compliance and governance.

What’s needed is a comprehensive approach to Archiving and eDiscovery that allows you to only keep required information, which frees up infrastructure and allows users to have information at their fingertips. It ensures that compliance and governance requirements are met and enforced with advanced, highly configurable rules.

We ensure critical data is properly classified, catalogued, preserved and more easily searched – so businesses better control their information footprint, making compliance and eDiscovery simpler.

  • Email archiving and journaling
  • File system and SharePoint archiving
  • Enhanced search and eDiscovery
  • Enhanced classification and re-classification functionality
  • Cloud archiving options
  • Data migrations
  • EV247: Cloud archiving without compromise
  • Managed archive

Dark Data Assessments

Not all data is created equally – some is absolutely critical. The rest less so, or not at all. How can you shine a light on the information in your organization easily? bluesource is now offering Dark Data Assessments to eligible customers. This assessment runs over one to five days depending on your requirements and will help you address:

  • Data aging on active and inactive data
  • Consumption by file type/file group
  • Inactive by file type/file group
  • User access and group permissions

The assessment will provide a report and a presentation on findings. From this assessment you’ll be able to easily understand:

  • Your organization’s entire information footprint
  • What infrastructure could be consolidated to reduce costs
  • Any resource changes that can be made from a support perspective
  • The level of risk that exists to the business, should data be lost or exposed
  • Whether an update of policies needs to be reviewed

Benefits at a glance

Whatever the requirements, your information can be preserved either on premise or in the cloud. With an information management pedigree spanning over 15 years, bluesource consultants have unparalleled expertise when it comes to archiving, and search and eDiscovery solutions. We understand how best to blend applications to get the right solution to manage your information and we know how to optimize those applications whatever platform you choose. We provide a single point of contact for accessing archiving and eDiscovery technical support, troubleshooting or advice, and comprehensive backup management capabilities fully backed by SLAs, releasing valuable IT skills and budgets.

  • Reduce the impact of growing data: what to keep; what to delete; when to archive
  • Enable searchability across diverse data types: email; file systems; SharePoint; social media; voice and IM
  • Improved business user productivity from enhanced search, making information easier to find
  • Reduced cost of storing information, regardless of exponential data growth
  • PSTs and file data under control
  • Minimize risks of incomplete backups as data continues to grow
  • Utilize the unrivaled experience of our specialists which lets you focus on other technology initiatives