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bluesource – Bringing control to your eDiscovery

We all understand that eDiscovery triggers can happen at any time, disrupting resources and incurring additional cost if you’re not prepared.

Through our expert eDiscovery specialists bluesource works with clients to design and implement tools that remove the burden often associated with eDiscovery triggers. bluesource will support you in all aspects of eDiscovery from reviewing and optimizing your eDiscovery process, initial deployment of your eDiscovery Platform to end user support through Discovery Assist.

We help ensure your information is easily searchable, provided within court deadlines and is legally defensible, reducing the pressure on your people and budgets – in doing this we work within the EDRM process. Working with IT, HR and Legal teams within organizations that operate in highly regulated we help to deliver the following benefits:

The benefits

• Searching for relevant documents is made simple with the right tools
• Quickly and accurately respond to audits, legal claims or data preservation orders
• More effectively evaluate claims – without sacrificing productivity
• Provide a legally defensible eDiscovery process that can withstand the test of court scrutiny
• Lower legal service fees – advanced classification means only essential data provided to outside counsel
• Provide control with less pressure on people and budgets critical in a growing litigious environment
• Support IT by reducing the number of business requests to search the information estate at short notice

bluesource solutions enable you to:

Search data

• Assist HR and legal departments with detailed search capabilities.
• Organize and rapidly review search results using frequently occurring keywords, metadata and custom attribute

Migrate data

• between new applications, the cloud or storage platforms
• Unbroken chain-of-custody

Apply Legal Hold

• Apply legal holds for pending or open litigation to suspend deletion.

Case Management

• Enable authorized reviewers / investigators with hierarchical initial review capability
• Chain-of-custody tracking
• Review and mark individual items or result sets using customizable marks and tags (e.g., privileged, nonresponsive)
• Save time and money by driving down both internal and external eDiscovery lifecycle costs
• Readily respond to a court order

For details of our technology solutions click here.

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