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The effective integration of Legal and IT is critical to achieving a pro-active posture on matters of data archiving, eDiscovery, retention, compliance and exposure to legal liability. bluesource offers the comprehensive, cost-effective solutions and platform support you seek.

It’s Not a Problem… Until it is

Many companies take a “wait and see” approach to data retention, a posture that fails to address basic issues of data archiving and leaves them exposed to legal liabilities such as the “smoking guns” inadvertently created or destroyed through inadequate or improper data retention infrastructure and management processes.

Upwards of 80% of a company’s intellectual property is contained in digital messaging, e-mail, file system and collaboration applications. Strategically archiving and managing that data has become a basic business necessity.

It also results in the higher data storage, retrieval and disposition costs incurred when these instances inevitably arise at companies vulnerable to the risks inherent in not having the appropriate architecture, programs and procedures in place.

As the saying goes, “The best offense is a good defense.” bluesource will work with you to deploy the proactive regulatory processes proven to avoid these pitfalls, helping you implement comprehensive retention, compliance and disposition programs that preempt problems, minimize risk and drive your bottom line.

bluesource Legal Expertise

As industry-leading providers of best-in-class Symantec Enterprise Vault and Microsoft solutions for data archiving and compliance, eDiscovery and disposition, our team’s detailed knowledge of the legal and compliance issues surrounding these matters is both comprehensive and current.

We understand the complexities of compliance, case strategy, negotiation among claimants, and the evolving eDiscovery rules around legally sensitive issues such as timing, integrity, and legal hold and release procedures.

That’s what makes bluesource “the source” to implement your company’s integrated strategies for appropriate data retention, preservation and automation programs.

Best-in-Class Service and Support

Legal and IT professionals each have expertise required by the other. bluesource provides the best-in-class technologies, consulting, training and application support needed to efficiently collaborate while allowing each to remain focused on their core mission.

Our team will partner with you to accurately assess, efficiently deploy and continually upgrade the comprehensive, cost-effective solutions you require. As our Case Studies and Client Testimonials clearly demonstrate, our record of consistently accomplishing these mission-critical goals – on time and under budget – is unmatched in the industry.