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bluesource Remote Application Management

Because bluesource Remote Application Management is a proactive solution, issues are resolved before your messaging system fails and your business stops. Downtime is eliminated and optimum system performance is performed 24×7.

bluesource Remote Application Management includes prescriptive maintenance and management tasks that adhere to industry best practice. These are performed on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis and not only resolve issues, but often prevent them occurring in the first place. Messaging is now so critical, the bluesource solution ensures you never lose business, never lose revenue and are able to communicate 24×7.

bluesource Monitoring & Reporting

Business technology is environments are highly dynamic and in a constant state of flux. With the constant increase in the volume of information, ensuring stability is always a challenge.

More than just monitoring, bluesource produces regular meaningful reports, with appropriate alerts and advice on action – so you can intervene before a problem arises.

bluesource remote server monitoring uses data from your site and constantly measures against set performance thresholds. Alerts fall into four categories:

  • Priority 1 – critical business impact
  • Priority 2 – severe business impact
  • Priority 3 – inconvenient business impact
  • Priority 4 – minor business impact

bluesource delivers 24×7 monitoring and out-of-hours monitoring for¬†Priority 1 and 2 alerts.