Does data have to be dull?

Not when it’s critical to almost every business. So getting your information footprint right is important. Like defining what data you actually have. Or discovering its business value. Or deciding what to ditch. So check out our guide to reshaping your information footprint.

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Need to clean up your act?

Data backup can add complexity. Different technologies in different locations mean more costs, admin and risk – all completely avoidable with a spring clean of your data. So to help you clean up your act check out our handy data backup checklist.


Already doing things differently

With EV247 we are helping individual businesses overcome their individual data challenges. Just look what it’s done for Standard Bank.


Input from the experts

Explore some of the biggest data challenges and what you need to do with insight from those behind the technology.

Ignoring the ‘Databerg’ looks set to cost EMEA businesses £576 billion by 2020. What is it and what does it mean for you?

Read this Veritas report to find out

Everyone’s heard of the data explosion. Not everyone knows what to do about it. Get the answers in the Veritas guide to

Information Governance

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